Our Mission

We create change at scale while positively impacting the day to day lives of individuals. Our goal is simple: to cultivate a more personal, positive place for faith within modern society.

Large group of people in different colors at Holi Festival
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The change the world is waiting for


of humankind is affiliated with a religion.

Pew Research Study, 2017


of faith-related content is rooted in controversy

Davis + Partners Global Study on the
Depictions of Faith in the Media, 2022


believe faith stereotypes should get as much or more attention as race and gender

HarrisX, Global Faith & Media Study, 2022

Shifting culture, changing lives

Our Priorities

Older man walking with cane in front of black and white mural

Culture Change

Fostering a more accurate, diverse, positive representation of faith within culture

Young woman smiling and clapping

Personal Growth

Helping people develop a meaningful, personal relationship with God

Group hiking together

Bridge Building

Healing divisions, promoting understanding and inspiring meaningful exchanges about spirituality

Connecting a modern world to God's love

Our Projects

On a systemic level, we are fostering a more accurate, diverse, positive representation of faith in journalism and entertainment through The Faith & Media Initiative. Our app and online community, Skylight, supports and impacts lives on a personal level, helping young people develop a meaningful relationship with God as they navigate the complex challenges of life.

Panel of speakers discussing faith and media

Positive representation
of faith in culture

Media and faith both play a critical role as important pillars in society. We serve the goals of both, by building connections to facilitate deeper understanding and mutual learning in order to restore trust and relevance.

Side by side photos of Sade Jones, Thomas McConkie and Kelly Boys

A path toward God
for the next generation

Skylight opens a path of connection for young people that’s relevant, significant and easily accessible. Our tools empower them to discover, connect and share the life-changing benefits of a relationship with God.

Our Impact

Personal Growth



650,000 young people connected with God via our tools

Build Connections



350+ journalists and editors enrolled in faith fluency seminars

Culture Change



10,000 surveyed in 18 countries

Fueling Meaningful Change

Our Community

Ron & Janet Jibson Family FoundationLarry H. & Gail Miller Family FoundationCook Center for Human Connection
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