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Discover your unique family culture with Kinmundo

discover your family culture with the new kinmundo family quiz

Over the past decade, technology has led to unforeseen challenges for parents raising children and teens, these challenges include:

  • Doubled teen anxiety rates
  • 50% increase in teen depression
  • 500% increase in teen screen time

For parents, these numbers can be daunting. Sadly, solutions and advice to these difficult challenges can be hard for parents to find. This is because each family needs tailored advice to match their specific family culture, or the unique “feel” and set of values that make a family function the way that it does, and this personalized advice isn’t available.    

This is why we’ve created Kinmundo, the new family quiz and guide to help families discover their unique family culture and understand how to strengthen their family based on their culture. With Kinmundo, families will 1). find out what their unique family culture is, and then 2). discover how their family functions within their family culture so that they can begin implementing real lasting change.

Uncovering your family culture

With the emergence of technology, parents are now facing many challenges when trying to raise their kids. Parents are now continually asking themselves, “what if I mess up my children?” They have the challenge of trying to figure out how to know when to give their children a mobile phone, how to teach their children how to manage a phone, and then how to navigate all of the distractions, emotions and addictions phones can cause. Gratefully, by knowing their family’s culture, parents can better determine how to approach these difficult topics and decisions with their children.

So what is family culture and why is it so important? Every family has a distinct family culture, which is different than other families around them. When a family knows what their unique family culture is, they will be better equipped to combat the challenges families are facing in life. Also, making positive change from with an existing family dynamic is much easier than trying to completely change the way a family works based on a generic approach.

Kinmundo has been developed by nationally recognized parenting experts and uses the latest family science to help families uncover their one-of-a-kind family culture. To start, Kinmundo will have each family member in a family unit take a 10-minute quiz, which will then determine their family culture.

To learn more about the Kinmundo family culture quiz visit

Understanding your family culture

Once a family culture is determined through the Kinmundo quiz, each family will receive specific guidance on how to improve their family.

With all of the problems that technology has created for parents, it also gives parents the ability to access information and data to help strengthen their family. Up until recently, most family education has only been accessible in family counseling or in an organized community course. However, with technology, a family can now receive skill training and parent education from family experts online, thus creating a new and exciting opportunity for a family to obtain purposeful guidance based on their culture.

When a family embraces their family culture and learns why their family functions the way that it does, they’ll be able to set goals and make real change, whether big or small, within their family.

Embracing the Kinmundo quiz and guide

The Kinmundo quiz and guide will allow every family to take an honest, nonjudgmental look at themselves and discover what they’re doing right, and what they can do better. In this way, the Kinmundo quiz and guide simply does what the best family counselors have been doing for decades: providing tailored guidance based on a unique family culture. Families will see one another in a whole new light and experience many “aha moments,” as they reveal the unseen culture that shapes their family life.

Our team at Kinmundo invites you and your family to complete the Kinmundo quiz today. Click here to take the Kinmundo quiz. Once you and your family take the Kinmundo quiz, you’ll receive your family culture and your “Family Culture Guide” to help you navigate and begin strengthening your family.

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What makes us Radiant

Just as the sun shines unapologetically around the world, illuminating spaces that otherwise might be dark, cold and lifeless; We at Radiant cultivate a generous space of energy, heart-warming connections and sunshine that not only physically illuminates the workplace, but is seen on the faces of its employees.

The word Radiant goes hand-in-hand with the mission of the company. Here at Radiant, we believe in human light — the raw potential within each of us to do extraordinary good. Radiant makes products to tap into that light, for people, families and communities.

Chris Carlson, the Chief Product Officer and one of the beginning creative developers behind Radiant, strives daily to create products and a company culture that can be attributed to three pillars — Look Up, Lift Up, and Raise Up.

Look up implies that “regardless of faith” it is important that people who engage with Radiant products, or are the specialist behind the scenes at Radiant, connect with their personal deity. Carlson believes that an aspect of his position within the company is to provide an environment, regardless of differences, that allows people to connect with their chosen divine. Despite the preference of someone’s chosen faith, at Radiant, everyone is encouraged to look up and be enlightened by what makes them feel complete.

Lift up, is the second pillar used to support the mission at Radiant. Lift up promotes a lifestyle of service. Whether it be the colleague that has a desk next to yours, or a person using a Radiant product, serving your portion of the world and putting your fullest abilities forward is a core belief. Not only does Radiant serve as a safe space for people to unleash their creativity, but in turn it gives rise to a space full of talent that can be used to serve families or communities around the world.

Raise up, the final pillar, advocates for a style of living full of intentionality. Being intentional goes beyond the monotonous motions of life, it means more than just simply doing; Intentionality at Radiant, is encouraged in the employees professional and personal lives. Whether someone is raising a family, newborn or teenager, each life milestone is supported at Radiant. The main goal is to “create an environment where people can feel loved” while at work and home. This begins with raising a team of employees or a family at home with meaningful and purposeful connections.

As Carlson, simply stated, it is the intention of Radiant to “have hundreds of millions of people experience light and truth.” Everyone embodies what truth and light is most relevant to their lives. Regardless, Radiant has built a space that gives employees the opportunity to shine their brightest light so that it may touch the lives of people throughout the world who interact with the their products.

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Introducing SAY’s Big, Bubbly, Undersea Mascot

To start using SAY, the video chat app, just look for the SAY whale icon. Click the whale in the picture above to start using the SAY app with friends and family today.

Whales are big, fun, smart and social. They’re often found hanging out in trusted pods, sharing knowledge, hunting together and teaching each other their unique songs. And even when they’re apart, whales stay in touch, sending their songs to other whales hundreds of miles away.

That’s why SAY has adopted the whale as its mascot, because just like a whale, SAY is fun and social. It’s a place where people can “sing their unique song” within trusted groups of friends and family, across vast distances and times.

With SAY, our users can connect to each other with all the freedom and confidence of our big, bubbly, undersea mascot.

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Baby Lamb Day at Radiant

Thank you to an amazing operations team at Radiant, who brought baby lambs into the office last week to show the Radiant team gratitude for their hard work. Throughout the day, employees could be seen feeding, holding and taking pictures with the adorable baby lambs, who were just days old.

 “I love working at Radiant because I get to work with an amazing group of people who are passionate about their work,” UX/UI designer Meredith Hale said. “They also believe family and work balance are important — last week when they brought baby lambs into work, I thought it was great because it was nice to take a little break from work and have the opportunity to socialize and destress.”

Days like these are not uncommon at Radiant, as management strives to provide a great work environment for their employees. Just like the “soft and cuddly reminder” of baby lambs at work, Radiant definitely doesn’t hold back on spoiling its staff members. From a fully stocked kitchen with yummy treats and endless soda, to chicken wing eating competitions, and days filled with baby lambs, Radiant employees not only work extremely hard, but are celebrated for their accomplishments.

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Introducing the SAY App

Radiant is excited to announce the launch of the SAY app, the new group video chat app for having fun and helping users get real with the people they trust.

Within the SAY app users can create groups of all shapes and sizes, from a large group with their entire extended family in it, to the college roommates they haven’t seen in 15 years but often love to catch up with. SAY is the perfect app to help keep a squad tight.

SAY also offers conversation games, called packs, to help start, prompt and guide the conversations within each group.

“If you’ve ever wished your family talked more, shared more, or had more fun together, here’s your app.”

- Amber

We promise the SAY app will always be safe, ad-free and lurker-free, with no fakes or fronting. It’s an app that will allow users to stay close with those they trust, aka family and friends, even when they’re apart.

The SAY app can be downloaded today on iOS and Android. Click here to download. Just look for our signature whale icon to know you’re in the right place.

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New Radiant Offices

This week we moved into our new offices and we couldn't be happier. Radiant worked with FFKR Architects to design and built the new space. Our goal was to create a space that encouraged collaboration and inspired creativity. Here are a few images of how it turned out.

Want to stop by the new offices and meet us? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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Brad Pelo to Lead Radiant

Radiant is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Pelo as President after having recently served as CEO of the New York City company, SAY.

Brad brings a wealth of experience from the technology and media fields having founded and led several successful companies including, NextPage and Folio. Additionally, Brad spent part of his career leading media and entertainment enterprises including eight years as CEO of I.TV. He has also independently produced feature films and live-event television broadcasts.

Brad is married to Melody Allen, and they are the parents of twelve children.

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Introducing Radiant – Our KPI is Lives Changed

It’s rare, but every so often we get a glimpse, a flash, a fleeting moment in which we see and understand our potential. Not just as a species thriving in a hostile world or as a generation navigating history or as innovators creating our future. No, those are mere reflections of something deeper and even more thrilling: Our light.

Here at Radiant we see our light as our innate potential for something that transcends technology, culture, or history. It’s brilliant, powerful, dynamic and it’s in every single one of us. How it got there? That’s a great question. But what we can do with it? That’s the question, the challenge, that brings us to work every day. 

We are a team of engineers, writers, influencers, producers, designers, artists, and researchers who believe in human light – the raw potential within each of us to do extraordinary good. We make products to tap into that light, for people, families, and communities.

So, unlike most web-centric companies, Radiant doesn’t measure ultimate success in clicks, app downloads or even sales figures. Our KPI is lives changed.

Such a high standard results in products that don’t just look and feel better than most competitors’ offerings, but that have real utility in everyday life.

We are excited to be here and for all the extraordinary things to come.

Want to see what we are working on? Click here to see our brands.

Want to be a part of Radiant’s mission? Click here for career opportunities.

Contact us: [email protected]
55 North 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84180

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